For the sea lovers, you can find not crowded beaches or organized ones with water sports and beach volley.

Jet Ski can be found at the beaches Sarpa, Aiginitisa and Marathon.

Kolona beach offers a spectacular sunset.

If you want a peaceful beach, Plakakia, The Lantern of Bouza, Mother, Arfara and the harbors around Souvala, Agious and Vagia are strongly recommended.

Perdika and Moni Island is a paradise of big blue sea!

The piney Agia Marina will delight your senses.


If you are a Nature lover, Aegina is the right place to visit.
You can explore the beach Sarpa, that is just 1km away from Perdika, and gaze the panoramic view of Methana up to Peloponnese!
The areas of Souvala and Vagia are equally attractive!
You can enjoy the island in complete peace while walking in stone and non stone paths.

The Mountaineering Club –Anavasi- organizes hiking excursions every Sunday for the nature lovers.

Get your map for the Ellanion Oros walk.

Aegina offers horse riding and bicycle riding for the most demanding guests.


You can also visit:
✔ the Monastery of Agios Nektarios
✔ Monastery of Chrysoleontissa Virgin Mary
✔ Monastery of Saint Minas
✔ the Temple of Ellanios Zeus
✔ the Olive grove with 1.500 years olive trees

Aegina, the island of Painters, Sculptors, Poets
Places to visit in Aegina are:
✔ The Archaeological Museum
✔ The Folklore Museum
✔ The Museum Kapralos
✔ Colona
✔ Temple of Afaia

Aegina is very honored and extolled from Greek Artists
both from the field of literature and arts!
Kazantzakis, Elytis, Moralis, Kapralos and many others!

In Aegina you can attend many cultural events and participate in many local customs such as:
✔ custom of Klidonas on June 24
✔ the Aegina Wedding
✔ Easter Dance
✔ custom of Leidinos on September 14th
✔ Fistiki Fest every year on September 20th
✔ at Predika on September 7th the Feast of Saint Sozon
✔ November 9th,the island celebrates the patron ”Saint Nectarios”